Equipment Servicing

It is recomended that we should have all our SCUBA gear serviced at least once a year, (or more often for those who dive very regularly)

What is included when I service your regulators at Lets Go Adventures? We first examine the regulator to check for any damage to the external composition, including the hoses and gauges. Then we strip down internally and check it for faults. Your regulator will then be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner in a medical grade cleaning solution called (biox) NOT a vinegar and water solution as used by some repairers. They are then re assembled according to manufcturers specification using thier service kits by our qualified service technicians. We can also Oxygen clean regs as required. Please note that we can also check computers if requested.

What about my BCD? Many people forget that thier BCD’s should also be serviced annually. We strip down your inflator and it then goes though the same cleaning and reassembly as above- parts are changed as per manufactures specs. All valves are removed cleaned and reassembled and the bladder is tested for leaks.

Tank testing? Your tanks must be visually & hydrostatically tested once a year. When you have your tank tested with us, it never leaves our possession Unlike other places where it must be sent to a certified testing station. Here at Let's Go Adventures we have our own test station, where all work is carried out by our own certified tank testers. All tanks are visibly inspected both inside and out they then hydrostatic testing is completed. Please remember that hydrostatic testing does not include valve service. It is advised that you should get your valve serviced at the same time as your tank test, so please request this on drop off. When your tank is in for service we are happy to lend you a Lets Go Adventures tank for the day toenabling you to dive at only the cost of the air fill.

Please feel free to call use with any questions regarding your gear servicing. Our service team will be happy to help.