Spider Cave

Off the southern side of the eastern corner of Broughton Island there is a series of step like rocks called, not unexpectedly, The Steps. To the south of this point, there is a cave that is very interesting. This is called Spider Cave. Anchor here and you will be in a bowl. There are four or five gutters that radiate off the bowl. Swim up the northern one and about 30 metres along on the left you will see an entrance to a cave. This is Spider Cave. There are two more entrances just along and another even further on.

If you enter the first entrance, you will find that there are two parallel tunnels heading north. The right-hand one is narrower and has more light. The left-hand one is lower but wider, with some larger caves off to the left. These may have cuttlefish in them. There are normally Port Jackson sharks in the cave as well as some wobbegong sharks. After 20 metres or so, the tunnels join to become one cave. This goes north for another five metres before turning left for another five or ten metres. It has some smaller nooks off to the left and right. The cave then turns right and exits out to the open.

Follow the gutter back to the bowl and explore the other gutters. A nice dive with a great cave