Shark Gutters

                  Little Shark Gutters

The shark gutters lie on the north side of Broughton Island and is recognised as a protected Grey Nurse Shark Critical Habitat. The dive boat will anchor in approx 14 metres. It’s a complex site with a range of gutters, kelp beds, boulders and an amphitheatre. The Grey Nurse frequents the whole area, skipping over into the gutters and circling boulders. You may find you come face to face as you round a turn, which is often a shock for you both. Shark gutters is also a haven for Green Turtles, Eels, Bulls Eyes, Old Wives, Mado and many other species.

Diving with the Grey Nurse Sharks is relaxing and magical. Best practice is to swim single file and negative in the water this way when you find a shark you simply stop deflate and sit on the bottom and simply watch! Minimal swimming needed. The more relaxed and still you are the more relaxed the sharks will be and they will get close to you.

Keep to the left of the first wall. The Grey Nurse sharks cruise in the gutters and if you keep quite still they will approach at a close distance. Skipping over the gutters and around the corner, there is an amphitheatre which may also hold sharks, including the Port Jackson (who lays eggs in the winter months and carefully hides under ledges and amongst the weed.) and Ornate Wobbegong. Look for the shark transmitter/receiver placed on a pole implanted in a tyre of concrete at the entrance of the gutters. Data collected at the site is used for scientific study.

In recent years we have found fewer numbers at this location with greater success encountering the Grey Nurse at a close by dive site called North Rock. For this reason we have been diving North Rock more frequently and this gives the Shark Gutter a rest from divers. Sharks can be disturbed by divers not having correct diving etiquette so it is important to listen to and follow your dive leader instructions when diving with the Grey Nurse Shark. Unless you are experienced at the site it is best to follow your complimentary guide for maximum chance to find the sharks and to minimise disruption to them.