Little Wreck

Cabbage Tree Island is a fully protected island and is the only known natural nesting ground in the world for the endangered Gould Petrel. There has been a seemingly successful human made nesting area now on Boondelbah which have a few breeding birds returning. For this reason you are free to dive and snorkel around the waters of the island but not go ashore.

The western edge of Cabbage Tree Island is often protected by sea conditions making it a great spot to stop between dives, to have a calm easy dive or to explore on a snorkelling trip. This dive location is a great option after doing a deep dive such as the wreck of the Oakland.

Little Wreck dive site is so named for the pieces of wreckage that remain of fishing trawlers which have become a haven for wobbegongs and a variety of colourful fish There is also a few other bits and pieces - statues, pillars, chairs which have been covered with soft and hard corals, sponges and ascidians. A Red Indian Fish has been spotted here as well as Port Phillip Pipe Fish.

The biggest draw card of the area is the very rare Donut Nembrotha. The fluorescent pink and purple donuts contrast beautifully with the khaki green background which are often found around or munching on the grey/blue colonial Ascidians.

Start your dive in the area of wreck closest to the wall in around 12-15 metres. After exploring the cracks and crevices head due west approximately 100 meters. Keep an eye out for creatures in the weedy bed on the way and you’ll find another part of a vessel hull. Use a torch to explore inside; you may find Eels, small sharks as well as a variety of fish. Goby’s hide in their holes and Yellow Fin Leather Jackets look at you with curiosity.

Then head south or follow the sea grass contour to the third piece wreck. This has the most superstructure and we have found tiny baby Donut Nembrothas the size of a little finger nail on it. You then Head due east till you hit the island completing you safety stop along the wall at 5 meters where you might encounter a timid turtle!

Cabbage Tree Island is accessible via one of our purpose built dive boats and includes a complimentary guide to share with your experience with you or to provide a detailed briefing to allow you to have fun with your buddy.