Government Wharf

Fingal Head is really an island that is sometimes connected to the mainland by a sand spit. It is located about three kilometres south of the entry to Port Stephens and accessible via one of our two purpose built dive boats and includes a complimentary guide to share with your experience with you or to provide a detailed briefing to allow you to have fun with your buddy.

On the north side of the island was the old government wharf which was presumably used to reprovision the Point Stephens Lighthouse which is on Fingal Head. It is located in a small bay to the west of the main head.

When you arrive you will see that you are in a sort of small bay. The wharf used to run from the head of the bay out into the sea. Drop to the bottom of the anchor where the depth will be about 9 to 10 metres on the sandy bottom. From the anchor, head east along the rocky edge. Along here you will see a number of huge timber piles from the old wharf.

Around the old wharf and along the rocks you will encounter a variety of fish darting around the rocks and in the weedy shallows. Follow along the rocks and sand you may encounter larger fish, eels, catfish, octopus and other creatures in or around the rocks. Looking out on the sand flathead and rays can be found.

Late August and September is a special time here during the Port Jackson breeding season. Sometimes you cannot see the sand for the sharks. They are everywhere you look and you might even catch some mating action. The rocks and sandy bottom are then littered with Port Jackson eggs. This is truly an incredible experience.

This site is also a great place for snorkelling. You can explore around the old wharf from above and enjoy the life in and around the shallows. There are often large schools of juvenile fish that hug the shoreline for protection and if you are calm and just float you can become surrounded but them.